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Meet Member BR10073, Janny from Pinheiros, Espirito Santo Meet Member BR10074, Cristhiane from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte Meet Member BR10075, Rafaela from Ribeirão das Neves, Minas Gerais
Janny - Brazil
Born on: 04/01/1967
Cristhiane - Brazil
Born on: 26/01/1979
Rafaela - Brazil
Born on: 25/05/1989
Meet Member BR10076, Angela from Fortaleza, Ceará Meet Member BR10077, Marines from Alagoinhas, Bahia Meet Member BR10078, Gyslai from São Paulo, SP
Angela - Brazil
Born on: 04/08/1978
Marines - Brazil
Born on: 28/08/1977
Gyslai - Brazil
Born on: 03/08/1984

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