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Meet Member BR10067, Cynthia from Campina Grande, Paraiba Meet Member BR10068, Camila from Rio de janeiro, RJ Meet Member BR10069, Isabela from São José, Santa Catarina
Cynthia - Brazil
Born on: 22/02/1986
Camila - Brazil
Born on: 12/12/1984
Isabela - Brazil
Born on: 01/11/1972
Meet Member BR10070, Nely from Ribeirão das Neves, Minas Gerais Meet Member BR10071, Karina from Rio de Janeiro, RJ Meet Member BR10072, Patricia from Vitoria, Espírito Santo
Nely - Brazil
Born on: 09/09/1971
Karina - Brazil
Born on: 13/06/1979
Patricia - Brazil
Born on: 20/01/1979

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