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For girls and women seeking true love, romance, dating, serious relationships, marriage with foreign men. We DO NOT PROMOTE SEX TOURS.
1.   Our Mission:
Our goal is to provide our clients with an intuitive, easy and straightforward access to our women selection, service pages, pricing structure, order form, report pages about Brazil and its culture; and other content to come.

We update and maintain our site daily to reflect the availability of our members. Each Brazilian woman appearing on our site are guaranteed to be fresh and available for friendship, love, romance or marriage. mostly features Brazilian women living in Brazil. This is where the base of our operation is located. The current selection of ladies live in Brasilia, Caldas Novas, Goias, and other areas of the state. We also feature women from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, the Nordeste, Manaus and other areas of Brazil.
2.   Site highlights include:
We sell contact information:

  • clean, simple navigation and design,
  • articles on Brazilian places of interests,
  • "how to get there" (will come soon,
  • the "love zone": a place where
    - our clients will eventually share their Brazilian romantic experiences
    - men will read about love, romance, fire and passion, the Brazil way
    - we will introduce members ladies who got engaged or married,
  • "quick links" to popular Brazilian sites (will come soon),
  • gateways to services such as visa and migration services (will come soon). was created with fire and passion. We thank all of you, fan of Brazilian women, for your interests in our services. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your visit. Check out our site, contact our ladies and tell us what you think.
3.   Information we show the site
If a woman indicates to us that she speaks English, owns a visa, passport, etc. we will mention that in her info page. If she has email and/or telephone, we will mention that information too.

The main mode of contacting a Brazilian woman is by Email. Writing is easy and a very good way to develop a friendship relation leading to a lasting relationship.

The default contact data provided with your order will be the Email address of an online dating site and never sell Home addresses for correspondence.

All members must have a valid email address to be on site. Those who do not are removed.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • You surf our site, you see a woman, you got the vibes, you act on your emotions and you contact her. Simple logic.
  • It is like going to a bar or spending an afternoon at the beach looking for a date.,
  •, you are entering a new dimension: the Brazilian one - our dimension.
Act upon your dreams. Live them today.
4.   No Membership Fee: is a site to surf and enjoy free of charge. You do not have to register and pay to become a member of You do not have to make an act of faith on the quality of our service in order to see and read about the Brazil woman you like.

  • On our site, who you see on our galleries is who you can contact
  • You only pay for the contact information of member(s) you would like to know.
This is our vision. This is our mission. There is no bad surprise, no negative feelings. See our  guarantee for details.

5.   Site Optimization:
For your browsing experience, this site:

  • does not contain ad banners,
  • does not contain dynamic links or "pop under" windows that could slowdown the access time to our pages,
This site contains high quality pictures. The download time of our pages is optimized for high speed Internet.
6.   No Logic to Brazil Love:
Act upon your desires. A Brazilian woman is perhaps looking for you. You can't figure it out by looking at her picture or by reading her short bio. For the price of an evening at your local bistro, you may find happiness forever.

  • Contact the Brazil woman you like and take it from there,
  • Be humble and be simple,
  • Do not to over think your emotions,
  • Act upon them now. Take action today. A Brazilian love never dies.
Live your dreams now!
7.   Personal Traits of a Brazilian Woman:
Each Brazilian woman is sweet, simple, soft, romantic, feminine, passionate and caring. Most women feature on our site are traditional and open-minded. They are loyal and most importantly value trust and sincerity. Most love the home and the family.

Some are timid and shy. And all are loving, sincere and easy to get along with. They all want to know foreigners for friendship, love, romance and maybe marriage. And they all seek the same in a man.

8.   So what is the color of love you feel ???
Do you believe in true love?
Falling in love is the most sophisticated and indescribable feeling, like a magic works to human's life. Stop dreaming of the day that you will feel the love beats inside of you. Stop dreaming of the day you will touch her face very softly, looking at the reflection of you in her eyes.

The true color of love is not just about love.

  • It is about passion.
  • It is about romance.
  • It is about the true color of life. Why Be Alone., where there is a Brazilian woman full of love and passion, a silence silhouette, perhaps looking for you.
9.   Love awaits you!
Surf our pages safely. Contact the Brazilian woman you like and live your dreams now! We wish you a nice journey on our web site.

Thanks for visiting.